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WEB'inaras Rugpjūčio 15d. 2017m. | 12:00-13:00
SECURITY+: augmenting existing security infrastructure to combat today’s information borne threats

Clearswift’s SECURITY+ empowers organizations with the ability to augment their existing security infrastructure to enhance inbound threat protection and enable adaptive data loss prevention across their key business collaboration channels.

Clearswift SECURITY+ solutions will enable the most advanced defense against inadvertent data leaks, phishing attempts, cyber-attacks and sensitive data loss, to significantly reduce data breaches and compliance risks – without affecting communication flow or productivity.

Join this webinar to:

~ Learn about SECURITY+ and how to augment your existing security infrastructure.
~ Understand why deep content inspection on inbound and outbound email and web traffic is critical for today’s digital collaboration.
~ Discover how to apply intelligent security and DLP Policies that will enhance threat prevention, improve critical information protection and automate best practice data protection processes to back up your team and prevent critical data loss.

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