Digital transformation

Cybersecurity: the backbone of a successful COVID-19 digital transformation

COVID-19 quarantines have urged many organizations to embrace digital transformation as they were compelled to move their processes, employees, communication and collaboration to virtual space.

But the change creates not only new growth opportunities, it also brings new cybersecurity challenges. Now, at the rapid speed, IT security teams must come up with technological measures and lay down the right foundation for the lasting security of these new digital processes.

In support of such, we have prepared a list of essential technologies and their free trials & special conditions that on the way to digital transformation provide a solid basis for cybersecurity.

The list designed to address cybersecurity in the three main digital transformation domains — usersresources and collaboration.

USER: employee productivity and security

Employee productivity

Working from home becomes a challenge to employee productivity and data security.
Ekran System employee monitoring technology helps to establish productivity baselines, identify where the productivity is lost and keep employees engaged. It also mitigates security risk with the introduction of a much broader remote access footprint.

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Privileged users
When working from home, privileged users may fall outside the secure network.
ARCON privileged user management (PAM) solutions ensure secure privileged users’ access to critical systems and facilitate the access process through an integrated unified access control platform — single-sign-on (SSO). The technology also allows IT managers to grant and revoke the “privilege” of these users to log in and manage selected systems.

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RESOURCES: a safe workplace

An insecure internet connection

Confidential data loss due to an insecure internet connection.

Array Networks, Clavister, and Sophos Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies give employees access to an organisation’s private network. The encrypted connection helps ensure that sensitive data is safely transmitted.
  • Free trial of Clavister next generation firewall for an extended period of 90 days with the option to prolong. Take advantage >>>
  • Free trial of Sophos XG firewall for an extended period of 90 days. Take advantage >>>
  • Free Array SSL VPN virtual appliance for 25-User. Take advantage >>>

Unsafe perimeter

An organization perimeter diminishes making internet less secure for various devices.

iBoss cloud secures internet access on any device, from any location while in the cloud. Shift the focus from following perimeters to following users so that consistent cloud security is applied while users are in the office or on the road.


Desktop cannot be moved and a company is incapable of getting a laptop for every employee.

SPYRUS Windows To Go technology transfers an organization’s computer workstation to a USB flash drive therefore employees can use their PC operating system, files, applications encrypted virtual environment as though they were at the office. 

Likewise, Scale Computing provides virtual solutions securely connect to users’ workloads remotely for access to all the applications and data. It can also enable remote worker desktop sessions on the existing physical desktops, virtual desktop infrastructure or terminal service solutions.

Home computers

Employees use unprotected home computers for work-related tasks.

By using licensing per user, existing Sophos customers can install Sophos license on home computers and manage it from a central console. It is important to consider management and security of mobile devices such us Famoc manage system.

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  • Free FAMOC annual license to manage mobile devices (only for educational and healthcare institutions). Contact us to get the tool. Contact us >>>

COLLABORATION: data protection

E-mail security

Exchange of sensitive information and data through unprotected email.

Cryptshare enables users to exchange large files and information in a secure, quick and simple way via email. It makes sure that data is protected at all points of risk, such as spying or data leakage, on the journey from sender to recipient.

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Authorization and access

Unauthorized access to work-related information and systems.

Yubico two-factor authentication (2FA) is the easiest most secure way to prevent unauthorized access to computers, applications and online services while Keeper password manager keeps the passwords strong and well-organized. Used together, 2FA and the password manager, help to protect all your accounts wherever possible.

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Secure collaboration

Collaboration with third parties through various communication channels.

Accellion provides unified security of all communication channels including email, file sharing, mobile apps, web, SFTP, MFT and more. The solution allows organizations to create secure work-spaces for internal and third-party project teams so that they can collaborate and share files securely.

Data control in the cloud

The lack of control, unauthorized access and human error on cloud platforms.

iStorage cloudAshur securely store, share, manage and monitor data in the cloud. The technology eliminates the security vulnerabilities that exist with cloud platforms, such as lack of control and unauthorized access.

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