Webinar 20th of October 2021 | 14:00 - 15:00
Using Datto RMM to move from break-fix to managed services

If you are planning to start providing IT services to your clients, or you are already doing that but want to make your operations more efficient, join us in our upcoming webinar with Datto.

Together with Datto team, we will show you how their RMM tool helps save time and serve more clients with fewer recourses. You will also learn why with Datto RMM you don’t need to worry about another supply chain attack, such as the recent Kaseya or SolarWinds incidents.


The agenda

  • Break Fix vs Managed Services
  • The importance of RMM for Managed Services
  • A live overview of Datto RMM: automation, proactive service, security, recovery
  • Questions and answers


Who should join?

  • If you are thinking to include IT services in your portfolio
  • If you provide IT services to clients but want to make your operations more efficient (less time, avoid mistakes, serve more clients)
  • If you want to learn RMM hacks on how to automate some tasks, etc.
  • If you are using an RMM tool today and want to evaluate what else is on the market