Clavister EasyAccess 3.0 now integrates Yubico

Clavister has recently launched EasyAccess 3.0 which now includes support for the YubiKey, a security key that offers strong two-factor authentication (2FA) for all user accounts.

What challenges does Clavister EasyAccess help to solve?

Clavister technology enhances user experience related to the usage of complex passwords, improves access security and empowers IT departments as well as lowers cost. Key benefits include:

  • Biometric authentication with phone-as-a-token methods for secure “passwordless” access to applications.
  • Simplified remote desktop functionality through a privilege-controlled web portal.
  • Integrated password management off-loading IT departments and lowering cost.

Simply, the software ensures vastly simplified experience for end-users enabling direct secure access to VPN, SaaS services and on-premises applications with single-sign-on now. 

Integration with Yubico’s YubiKey

Identity theft and impersonations are big risks to data security today. By combining strong Clavister identity and access management with and hardware-based 2FA with the YubiKey, users have a simple and effective solution to prevent account takeovers.

Find out more about how Clavister EasyAccess 3.0 and Yubico integration can help protect your business here.

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