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Feel the beat… of the cybersecurity: introducing CyberSec Pulse

As a trusted cybersecurity advisor we are constantly working towards the betterment of the cybersecurity community.

Therefore we are introducing CyberSec Pulse – series of free webinars that aim to help you discover actionable strategies on how to help your businesses to overcome the emerging cybersecurity challenges.

During these monthly talks, we will bring together highly-qualified security professionals that will be discussing the latest cybersecurity solutions and with deep demos will show how it can solve the challenges companies are facing.


Make CyberSec Pulse relevant for your business

Make it more relevant for your business – tell us what you’re most interested in and would like to hear in the upcoming webinars. And don’t forget that you can always watch the past webinars on our Youtube channel!


To learn about the upcoming CyberSec talks follow us on Linkedin (#cybersecpulse) or subscribe to our newsletter. Feel the pulse of cybersecurity with us!

Hermitage Solutions | December 28 d.