Cyber Security Solutions Value Added Distribution

One-time offer! Protect sensitive data three-time cheaper

Hand washing or simply personal hygiene is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of infections.

The same principle applies to organizations – just have in place the basic cybersecurity hygiene such as secure passwords, second-factor authentication as well as portable data encryption and voilà – the risk of data breach decreases by half.

Take advantage of our exclusive conditions and put cyber hygiene in place thrice cheaper! We have three special offers for you:  


  • Kingston encrypted USB flash drives to keep your data safe and GDPR compliant from 25 EUR – SAVE 50 %
  • Keeper password manager to automate and secure your password management now 29 EUR SAVE 25%
  • Yubico two-factor security key together with Keeper password manager to avoid account takeovers now 69 EUR SAVE 15%

Ensuring minimal cyber hygiene to protect your organization’s sensitive data now is easier than washing your hands!


  • Keeper password manager: 1-year Business license with Advanced Reporting and Alerts Module 
  • Yubico two-factor security key: YubiKey 5 NFC for passwordless, strong two factors, strong multi-factor
  • Kingston encrypted USB Flash Drive: DT Vault Privacy 3.0, FIPS 197 certified, TAA compliant. Capacities: 4, 8, 32, 64 *Limited quantity


  • Valid through 2019 December 21
  • Applies for customers in the Baltics
  • The price is VAT-exclusive

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Hermitage Solutions | November 15 d.