Cyber Security Solutions Value Added Distribution

About Devo

Devo (former) Logtrust was formed in May 2011, by a group of professionals with over 15 years of experience in the sector to offer Big Data analytics services in and from the cloud to businesses of all size
Their technology allows companies to gain real-time operational and business intelligence. It’s simple, without the need for initial investment and with costs tailored to suit businesses and their expansion.
Any Data, Any Volume in Real-time All the Time. Flat-Ultra-Low-Latency(“FULL”) time-series data analytics platform processing over 150,000 events per second/per core or over 3 billion events per day/per core. Our competitors would need +200 cores to match such a performance..

This capability is used for:

• Real-time security monitorization and alerting (SIEM)
• Business monitoring
• IT monitoring
• Behavioral analytics
• Real-time big-data
• Compliance
• Log management

Buzzwords: SIEM, big data, log management, real-time analysis, correlation, alerting, compliance, analytics, log storage.