Ekran System


Ekran System provides user-monitoring technology that delivers effective and affordable Insider threat protection to businesses of any size.

The solution designed to track and evaluate insider threats related to user behavior within an organization’s network.

Insider threat detection: the main features


Identity management – allows organizations to deploy multi-factor authentication and identify users of shared accounts with secondary authentication.

Privileged access management – technology controls privileged access permissions – from escalating privileges to access sensitive data and records each privileged session for further detailed audit.

Subcontractor control – the solution enables control of access and monitors activity of third-party service providers as well as remote vendors working within your corporate network, get an audit trail for any action.

Insider monitoring – monitors user activity in real-time and keeps context-rich session records for investigations. If data misuse or fraud is detected, responses are taken immediately.

Security compliance – helps to comply with industry regulations such as PCI, DSS, SWIFT, CSP, HIPAA, NIST

Internal incident investigation – empowers the organization to react quickly to any incident related to your employees or third-party vendors.


How can businesses benefit from Insider threat protection?

  • Simplify management of major user-based risks as all the tools located in one platform;
  • Gain complete visibility over the broadest set of operating systems and network architectures without agents as it supports any hybrid enterprise architecture;
  • Save the valuable time of the IT security team by enabling automated maintenance and health monitoring;
  • Ensure that employees are being professional while keeping your company’s important data safe.

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