OneLogin provides a unified access management platform (UTM) that enables businesses to use secure access to their cloud and on-prem applications with single sign-on (SSO).

The advantages of the unified access management platform


As the UAM platform seemingly provides safe access to necessary applications, companies can improve their user experience related to complex password management, strengthen cybersecurity and streamline access control administration.

The UAM platform comes with thousands of pre-integrated applications and multiple authentication methods, directories, VPNs, and SAML tools.


The main features


A cloud directory – the center of the platform is the OneLogin cloud directory: a single source of truth from which you manage access, therefore, there is no need to replace the current directories.

Single sign-on option – it gives users one-click access to all their apps (SaaS and on-premises applications). With an extensive app catalog and a secure portal, users can always see and access their apps.

Identity and lifecycle management – it allows to provision users easily and automate onboarding/offboarding. Streamline entitlements through powerful rules to enforce intelligent access policies based on user location, role, privilege level and more.

Authentication – by deploying two-factor (OTP, pins, biometrics, IP addresses) or adaptive authentication users are stocked with the additional layer of security that ensures the highest security level during the authentication process.

Reporting and intelligence – the features of sophisticated reporting and trail support the process of meeting the industry’s security compliance as the necessary information is accessible easily.

Developer tools – it allows to integrate custom and third-party apps as well as extend the system to fit your organization workflows.


Key takeaways how businesses can benefit from OneLogin UAM platform:


  • Strengthen and enforce security and compliance programs;
  • Streamlined access management operations;
  • Drive workplace efficiency gains & user productivity;
  • Reduce access management costs.


Secure all your apps, users, and devices with OneLogin Platform for unified access management!

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