A YubiKey (2FA) is a key-sized device that allows users to add a second authentication factor to online services.

This hardware-based authentication device supports one-time password, public-key encryption and authentication, and the universal 2nd factor (U2F) as well as FIDO2 protocols developed by the FIDO Alliance.

Secure passwords and strong 2FA authentication


Strengthening passwords with the YubiKey second factor (2FA) during the authentication process helps organizations eliminate account takeovers, defend against phishing and reduce IT support costs.

And the best part that the technology works effortlessly just with a touch and client software is not required. It also supports multiple authentication methods, enabling the same key to be used across services and applications



In addition to the main functionality, Yubico provides a wide variety of high-security, public-key, cryptography keys designed for different needs – Yubikey 5 series, Yubikey FIDO and Yubikey FIPS.  Learn more >>>

The main features


Passwordless login – YubiKey increases security and simplicity by allowing to log into your online accounts without having to use passwords thanks to FIDO2/WebAuthn open authentication standard.

Simple, automatic entry of a one-time password (OTP) – YubiKey authentication is completed with one touch of a button removing user error and allowing for instant entry of longer.

Near field communication (NFC) functionality – YubiKey integrates NFC into both OTP and smartcard (CCID) mode which provides greater usages flexibility.

The multi-protocols built-in – it supports OTP, FIDO U2F, OATH-HOTP, OATH-TOTP, OpenPGP and Smart Card (PIV Compliant) protocols – choose the best authentication solution.

No client software or drivers needed – YubiKey is a standalone device that acts as a keyboard when it is plugged into a USB port or is used as a contactless device communicating over NFC.

No need to administer time synchronization – while the YubiKey can support time-based authentication, the device is not restricted to TOTP.

What are Yubikey benefits to business?


  • It helps to stop account takeovers as YubiKey provides advanced phishing protection;
  • It ensures strong authentication for appropriate compliance with GDPR, PSD2, DFARS;
  • It simplifies the secure authentication process – Yubikey easier and safer than authenticator apps;


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