About Fox IT


Fox IT develops custom and packaged solutions to guarantee the strong security of sensitive government systems, protect industrial control networks, defend online banking systems, and secure highly confidential data and networks.

Protect your secrets with a data diode


The company’s main product – the data diode – a solution that helps to protect secrets and safeguard the availability and integrity of critical assets.

The major benefit of data diodes is the possibility of linking an insecure (red) network to a secure (black) network while maintaining the confidentiality or integrity of the most secure network.

Organizations around the globe trust the Fox DataDiode for their unidirectional requirements, as illustrated by the numerous certifications such as NATO SECRET and Common Criteria EAL7+.


The main features


Secure one-way communication: unique hardware-based, one-way data link.

Numerous certifications for compliance: approved by the NL-NCSA, BSI, Common Criteria EAL 7+, and up to and incl. NATO SECRET.

A broad range of supported applications: the extensive built-in protocol that supports email, TCP, Network Time Protocol (NPT), Windows File Sharing (CIFS), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), etc.


Key takeaways how businesses can benefit from the Fox IT data diode:


  • Ensure secure data export and auditing within critical infrastructure;
  • Remove the need for time-consuming, risky and expensive manual transportation of data e.g. USB-stick;
  • Reduce management costs – easy to use web interface for administrators and auditors.

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