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About CoSoSys

CoSoSys offers a rich portfolio of security products and features for device control, data loss prevention (DLP) for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iOS and Android. The main CoSoSys solution is Endpoint Protector.

They‘re one of the few IT security companies that extend protection beyond Windows to Mac and Linux users. Their application portfolio includes functionalities including device control, mobile device security, file tracing and shadowing, password security, data synchronization and network security. Short video.

Endpoint Protector 

Protect your network and sensitive data from threats posed by portable storage devices, file transfers, online applications and mobile devices. Portable storage devices such as USB flash drives, smartphones, tablets and cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive may cause severe issues when it comes to controlling data transfers outside the company. As a cross-platform Data Loss Prevention and Mobile Device Management product, it is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. Endpoint Protector 4 is a full DLP and MDM solution that prevents users from taking unauthorized data outside the company or bringing potential harmful files on storage devices inside the network.

Endpoint Protector features:

Content Aware Protection

device-control-Irenginiu-kontroles-duomenu-praradimo-prevencijosIt offers detailed control over sensitive data leaving the computers and endpoints in the network. Through efficient content inspection, transfers of important company documents will be logged and reported. Based on the company policy, file transfers will be allowed or blocked.




Device Control

content-filtering-Irenginiu-kontroles-duomenu-praradimo-prevencijosHaving the possibility to control USB devices and peripheral ports activity for employees’ computers from a simple web interface will simplify your life. Strong device use policies will ensure proactive protection for a safer work environment with removable storage devices.




Mobile Device Management

mobile-Irenginiu-kontroles-duomenu-praradimo-prevencijosIt provides enhanced control over the use of the Android and iOS mobile device fleet as well as Mac OS X computers. Enforce strong security policies and access detailed tracking and asset management of all smartphones or tablets. Increase productivity by monitoring and pushing applications, network settings and more.




Virtual or Hardware Appliance

file-mobile-Irenginiu-kontroles-duomenu-praradimo-prevencijosHaving the option to implement a centralized, out-of-the-box appliance makes Endpoint Protector 4 the right data security solution. Simple to deploy and easy to use, there is no need to spend hours reading installation guides and going through complex learning curves.






Other Cososys products:

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Buzzwords: DLP, MDM, device control, content control, security from information theft.

About FoxIT

Fox-IT prevents, solves and mitigates the most serious cyber threats with innovative solutions for government, defense, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, banking, and commercial enterprise clients worldwide.

It is Fox-IT’s mission to make technical and innovative solutions that ensure a more secure society. It is done through the development of advanced cybersecurity and cyberdefense services and solutions for clients around the world.


foxit datadiode

Your confidential information needs to stay confidential, that‘s why Fox DataDiode  one-way network connection offers the highest certified level of security and prevents unwanted access to business assets and critical systems, while facilitating free flow of information.

Protect your secrets

Securely automate one-way transfer of information into confidential networks with a certified, high assurance solution. Gain immediate and safe access to the latest public intelligence within your protected and classified environment, while adhering to rules and regulations for handling secret information.

Protect your assets

Harvest the benefits of business integration while stopping all cyber-attacks directed at your critical assets and production infrastructure. The Fox DataDiode is the one-way network solution you need. Have real-time, 24×7 status information of your assets, without putting them at cyber risk.

BuzzwordsDataDiode, protection for industrial control systems (SCADA), NATO Secret certification, restricted network protection, EAL 7+, EAL 4+, airgap, RED/BLACK network separation, guaranteed one-way network connectivity, TEMPEST

About Veriato

Veriato develops intelligent, powerful solutions that provide companies with visibility into, and understanding of, the human behaviors and activities occurring within their firewall, making them more secure and productive.

Veriato 360


The software provides unmatched visibility in the online and communications activity of employees and contractors.  Veriato 360 is the system of record, presenting detailed, accurate, and actionable data for use in incident response, high-risk insider monitoring, and productivity reporting.

More about solution and implementation: Veriato 360>>

Veriato Recon


Veriato Recon analyzes insider behavior, detects anomalies, and alerts when behavioral shifts suggest insider threat. The software uses advanced machine learning algorithms to deliver actionable alerts.

More about solution and implementation:  Veriato Recon>>

Veriato Investigator


A solution for temporary focused investigations that installs quickly, records detailed information on employee activity, and enables fast, accurate, and efficient exploration and playback of the recorded data. Veriato Investigator provides the answers you need so informed decisions get made.

More about solution and implementation: Veriato Investigator>>

Buzzwords: employee monitoring, screen capture recording, live alerting, keyword search, advanced reporting, suspicion triggers, file & document tracking, email recording, web activity, keystroke logging, threat anomaly detection; chat & IM monitoring; baselining; application/network activity monitoring; SIEM integration