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About Sealpath

SealPath allows professionals and companies to protect their critical documents wherever they are: on a PC, the corporate network, a partner’s network, or in the cloud, etc., even after the document has been sent, shared and is out of the IT department’s control.

Main Sealpath features:

Protection, wherever the document is. SealPath will accompany your document, wherever it goes, regardless of the location it is accessed from. If you choose to work in the cloud, SealPath will protect your information.

Limit what can be done with your documents and emails. Read, print, share, copy … your document or email will only permit what you have indicated. Control who accesses the information with SealPath’s intuitive control system.

Monitor who views it and when. Share your documents with anyone you want and monitor when they access the information. If you want, you can receive a notification when the recipient accesses the document. Auditing will be easier thanks to SealPath.

Easy, without changing how you work. You will not need to manage passwords or certificates. It is as easy as saving and protecting. SealPath allows you to work the same way you always have, from Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, from the file browser, or by using our application.

SealPath does not store your documents. Your data doesn’t need to be where you don’t want it to be. SealPath does not require a specific location to protect you. You choose how you want to work and where to save your documents, with complete freedom.

 Microsoft AD RMS technology. SealPath uses AD RMS (Active Directory Rights Management Services) protection and information technology. AD RMS is a mature, proven information protection technology that natively integrates with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft products.

These and other features helps to:

Possible implementations:

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