ARCON is a leading information risk-management solutions provider specializing in Privileged Access Management and continuous Risk Predictive solutions.

Arcon solutions


Privileged Access Management / Privileged Identity Management solution is unique risk-control software, appliance (physical or virtual), and service provider in the private cloud which helps to safeguard privileged identities by monitoring and securing database assets from malefactors. It is delivered as a set of different modules that are licensed separately. Learn more >>>

Key takeaways how businesses can benefit from Arcon PAM


  • Safeguard the privileged accounts to secure the key IT systems, necessary for the smooth running of the organization;
  • Achieve IT compliance by employing extremely granular but effortless management of privileged user access;
  • Protect against insider attacks by fully de-provisioning access in the event of turnover employees;
  • Ensure security during any vacation period by easily delegating the rights of a privileged user to the remaining employees;
  • Eliminate uncontrolled access to all systems  – privileged users will be able to access the required IT systems only through a single sign-on (SSO);
  • Attain secure access control to the shared privileged account and facilitate password administration;
  • Analyze the activities of privileged accounts to gain deep insights by using session recordings.

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