Arcon is a leading information technology company specialized in risk control and infrastructure management solutions.

Privileged access management (PAM) solution by Arcon empowers internal stakeholders to monitor, control and manage privileged accounts and help with audit & compliance.

Key features


Admin Control: n number of privileged users, N number of devices. No matter how big is the enterprise’s IT infrastructure, each and every access to critical systems is made through one ADMIN console.

Fine-Grained Access Control: allows to restrict and control every privileged user through a rule and role-based centralized policy that helps to ensure secure, authorized and controlled access to target systems.

Auto-discovery: auto-discovery enables the risks management team to discover shared accounts, software and service accounts across the IT infrastructure.

Multi-factor Authentication and Single-Sign-On: multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single- sign-on enable a robust identity validation mechanism and the fastest access to the target systems just with one click.

Automation: workflow matrix makes administrators‘ life easy as It empowers to configure the approval process for privileged users, user-groups and service groups.

Customized Reporting: detailed analytics of every privileged access to target systems allow demonstrating or assessing the organization’s regulatory compliance status at any given time.

Password Vault: solves enterprise security and compliance issues associated with the management and control of shared privileged passwords.

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Key takeaways how businesses can benefit from Arcon PAM: Key takeaways how businesses can benefit from Arcon PAM:

  • Safeguard the privileged accounts to secure the key IT systems, necessary for the smooth running of the organization;
  • Achieve IT compliance by employing extremely granular but effortless management of privileged user access;
  • Protect against insider attacks by fully de-provisioning access in the event of turnover employees;
  • Ensure security during any vacation period by easily delegating the rights of a privileged user to the remaining employees;
  • Eliminate uncontrolled access to all systems  – privileged users will be able to access the required IT systems only through a single sign-on (SSO);
  • Attain secure access control to the shared privileged account and facilitate password administration;
  • Analyze the activities of privileged accounts to gain deep insights by using session recordings.

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A modern enterprise requires a centralized, role and rule-based privileged access management policy that automates the entitlement and validation process just like Arcon solution.

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