CoSoSys solution Endpoint Protector designed to ensure the highest data loss prevention by controlling the ever-increasing number of devices, endpoints, and mobile devices accessing and storing sensitive data.

With Cososys Endpoint Protector companies stay productive while maintaining their most valuable data safe.

Cososys Endpoint Protector for data loss prevention


Endpoint Protector protects all operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux against data loss, theft and leakage by monitoring and blocking file transfers to cloud services and applications like e-mail, Skype, web browsers and many others.

Also, the Cososy enabled data loss prevention includes control of portable storage devices such as USB sticks, CDs/DVDs, HDDs, memory cards and others on Windows, Macs and Linux endpoints.


The main features


Content-aware protection allows organizations to monitor, control and block confidential data transfers through various exit points such as e-mails, cloud solutions and other applications.

USB and peripheral port control enable to lockdown, monitor and manage removable devices such as USB storage devices, printers and ports like WiFi, Bluetooth.

Automatic USB encryption enables organizations can encrypt, manage and secure USB storage devices by safeguarding data in transit.

Scanning data at rest content inspection – with eDiscovery module sensitive data stored on computers can be discovered, encrypted and deleted. Therefore, organizations get better visibility and can take remediation actions.

Key takeaways how businesses can benefit from Cososys data loss prevention solution:

  • It reduces costs associated with data security by 45 % as compared with other similar solution;
  • It saves a considerable amount of time as it is simple to deploy;
  • It helps to comply with GDPR requirements related to auditing and data movement restrictions.

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