Cyber Security Solutions Value Added Distribution

About Array

Array Networks improves application availability, performance and security – optimizing traffic from any cloud or data center to any user, anywhere while minimizing cost and complexity.

Proven at over 5000 worldwide customer deployments, Array is recognized by leading cloud service providers and enterprises for next-generation technology and unmatched price-performance.


Array Networks eliminates the trade-off between security, performance and agility. Their Network Functions Platform combines the best attributes of dedicated hardware, virtualization and software-centric computing to create an environment that provides guaranteed performance and flexible management for security virtual appliances.

Array’s Network Functions Platform

Array’s Network Functions Platform, enterprises and service providers can run Array virtual ADCs to offload and intercept SSL traffic, or run Array’s virtual SSL VPN, or host virtual appliances – such as next-generation firewalls, DDoS protection and web application firewalls from other best-of-breed security vendors.

Buzzwords: local & global server load balancing, application security, SSL offloading&encryption, caching, compression, multiplexing, content transformation, switching, web application security, ddos protection