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About Centrify 

Centrify is a leader in securing enterprise identities against cyberthreats that target today’s hybrid IT environment of cloud, mobile and on-premises. Centrify helps protect against the leading point of attack used in data breaches―compromised credentials—by securing an enterprise’s users as well as its privileged accounts.

Centrify Unified Identity Management Platform:

centrify unified idendity management

Centrify Identity Service

Centrify Identity Service improves end-user productivity and secures access to cloud, mobile and on-premises apps via single sign-on, user provisioning and multi-factor authentication. Supports internal users (employees, contractors) and external users (partners, customers). Manage apps, mobile devices and Macs via Active Directory, LDAP or cloud identity stores.

Main features:

  • Single Sign-on (SSO) for Cloud & Mobile Apps
  • Automated Account Management
  • Multi-factor Authentication and Policy
  • Integrated Mobile Device and App Management
  • Identity-based Security and Management for Macs

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About Yubico

Yubico changes the game for strong authentication, providing superior security with unmatched ease-of-use. YubiKey, is a small USB and NFC device supporting multiple authentication and cryptographic protocols. With a simple touch, it protects access to computers, networks, and online services for the world’s largest organizations. Yubico sets world standards as a leading contributor to the FIDO Universal 2nd Factor open authentication protocol and their technology is loved by millions of users in more than 160 countries.

Yubikey is used for:

Yubikeys work instantly with leading online services including Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, password managers, and much more.
YubiKeys and YubiHSMs are trusted by millions of users at small, medium, and large businesses — including 9 of the top 10 internet enterprises.
Yubico offer open source software, documentation, and tools as well as a technical forum for discussions.
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