HID Global


HID Global offers one of the broadest portfolios of identity and access management products and services. The company‘s headquarters in Austin, Texas, United States.

HID Global solutions


Authentication Technologies – offer one of the widest ranges of user authenticators. The solutions include hardware-based, software-based, and friction-less authentication such as multi-factor authentication Intelligence-driven risk-based authentication, physical identity, biometrics, desktop readers, digital signing, etc. Learn more >>>


Access Control – award-winning access control systems that extend capabilities, improve operational efficiencies and instill confidence that precious assets, resources and people are secured and protected. Learn more >>>

Key takeaways how businesses can benefit from HID Global


  • Connected environment – enables secure access to multiple systems with one trusted identity;
  • Increased convenience – simplifies authentication with the technology of choice to increase productivity;
  • Trusted authentication – establishes who you are and identifies which benefits are granted to your trusted identity.

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