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WEB'inaras Vasario 27 d. 2019 m. | 17:00 – 17:40
4 Accellion Features You May Have Missed

Join us on February 27th to learn about some of the most innovative features Accellion has added to its secure file sharing and governance platform, kiteworks.

Take 30 minutes to catch up on what’s new and what we’re most excited about. We’ll open it up for your questions in the second half hour.

Tune in to learn more about our new:
• Reimagined mobile app – protect confidential communications on the road
• Plugins for Office 365, Salesforce, and iManage – share securely right where users work
• One-click compliance reports – save time on audits and investigations
• CISO dashboard – see and track every file entering and leaving your organization

Bob Ertl | Senior Director, Product
Jeremy Fong | Senior Director, Product

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