About Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity protects companies and public institutions worldwide against espionage and cyberattacks. The company develops and produces high-end encryption products, next-generation firewalls, network traffic analytics and endpoint security software as leading-edge technical solutions for information and network security requirements.
The awarded “made in Germany” IT security solutions range from compact all-in-one products to bespoke solutions for critical infrastructures.


High security risks are associated with using mobile devices. Data such as contacts or e-mails that are saved on smartphones can easily be read out. Protection via password or PIN is not sufficient and can be easily circumvented.
Bizztrust Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity

Separation of private and business, data and apps

BizzTrust(TM) provides a platform for smartphones and tablets that fulfills all requirements for secure use. Based on the hardened TURAYA(TM) security kernel for Android, the system is divided into two areas: an open “private” and a protected “corporate” area. Applications and data in each area are strictly separated from each other. Even private user-installed apps cannot attack sensitive business data.

Secure access to business ressources

The separation between a “corporate” and “private” area enables safe access to business resources. Applications inside the corporate area can access and exchange data such as e-mails, contacts, calendars and the Intranet via a secure VPN tunnel. BizzTrust also offers easy-to-use e-mail encryption in line with S/MIME standards and end-to-end security. Voice communications can be encrypted easily and extensively with optional modules (secure telephony).
Buzzwords: voice encryption, link encryption, device encryption, containerization, business/private separation, application management, email encryption.