Webinar 17th of September 2019 | 15:30-16:30
HS webinar: increase device visibility and control your network security with Genians

One of the biggest cybersecurity challenge threatening all the industries today is incomplete network visibility. Organizations are failing to identify all IP-enabled devices accessing their network – where they are connected, who owns them, and the details of their security posture. Why? 

Traditional network access control solutions (NAC) are no longer sufficient as it doesn’t solve the challenges brought by the IoT era.

So how then organizations can enhance their network visibility to reinforce their cybersecurity framework and overcome the mentioned difficulties?

Join our webinar with Genians and get the aswer

Join us on the 17th of September to get the answer! During the webinar you will hear from the industry’s leading expert, Genians, and learn about:

● The latest challenges to complete network access control
● How Device Platform Intelligence helps businesses to take back control
● Key considerations for Network Access Control (NAC) architecture in the IoT era
● What you should know before implementing NAC (on-prem, cloud-managed, as a service deployment)
● Demo: how NAC provides control and response for your network
● Q&A

Learn before and ask questions during our tech talk

Watch this short video to get a better understanding of what we with Genians are going to talk. And don’t forget to prepare some questions!

Who should attend? MSP/MSSP, IT Security Engineers and Administrators, Network Administrator, Information Security Officers, Information Assurance Analyst, IT Security Consultants, and other information security stakeholders.