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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Hermitage Solutions JSC is committed to safe and confidential processing of personal data concerning its employees, shareholders, contracting parties, website users and other interested parties. At the same time, Hermitage Solutions JSC ensures that personal data is processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner – and with respect to the rights of data subjects.

To implement its commitment, Hermitage Solutions adopted rules on personal data protection, which comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council) and other applicable legislation.

1. Identification of the site
This website belongs to Hermitage Solutions UAB, Registration code 300572207, Registration code 300572207, Zirmunu str. 139, 09120 Vilnius, Lithuania| telephone.: +3705 2306258. Publication director: Paulius Čeponis, manager.

2. Protection of your personal information
You have the right to access, rectify, modify and delete your personal data. You may inform us about your choice by contacting us either by email at or by post at Hermitage Solutions JSC, Zirmunu str. 139, 09120 Vilnius, Lithuania| telephone.: +3705 2306258. Publication director: Paulius Čeponis, Managing Director.

3. Information we use

The information we collect helps us to personalize and continually improve customer experience on our website and customer service. We use this information to process customer orders, deliver products and make payment. In addition, communicate marketing initiatives (newsletters, invitation to webinars, product updates). However, the personal data shall be used to communicate marketing initiatives only if you have showed your consent by filling checkbox below the contact form. By default, if you do not fill the checkbox, you will not receive any marketing initiatives such as newsletters, promotions etc.

We also use this information to improve our platforms, avoid or detect fraud or abuse on our website and allow third parties to provide technical, logistical or other functions on our behalf.

4. Methods of information collection

We collect personal data directly when you share your information on our website via contact form, registration for our monthly newsletter, contacting us via email or phone. Also, indirectly by using cookies – website technology that tracks and administers your visits through your browser.

We may also use other information about you from different sources that we add to your account information. For example, we may add mailing address complements from directories.