Cryptshare develops and supplies software solutions that help companies support, optimize, and secure their email processes. The company serves markets by enabling companies to secure their e-communication and send large files of any size via email.

Cryptshare for email security


Cryptshare enables companies to send files of any size, encrypt confidential data – the content, attachments and subject line.

By using Cryptshare, companies can classify data before transmission with Microsoft Outlook which is an important compliance standard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

SMS Gateways allows senders to transfer the passwords to the recipients via SMS messages while QUICK technology helps to achieve a more secure environment by eliminating the need for individuals to create and retain passwords.

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The main features


Full email encryption – provides the strongest email encryption including metadata such as the email subject and attachments.

Sending large files fast – users can send files of any size via email without any size limitations. The limits can be restricted only by the IT administrator within the organization.

SMS Gateway integration – enables senders to transfer the passwords to the recipients fast and safely via SMS messages.

QUICK technology for “one-time forever” password – equips the users with a “one-time forever” password that removes the need for passwords after activation.

User-friendly – Ad-hoc usability and unified workflows make Cryptshare easy to use for both internal and external users.

IT Compliance –  allows seeing an overview of which files were sent to which recipients.

Data Classification for GDPR compliance – classify data before transmission to the email provider ensures compliance with the GDPR.

Auditability – allows companies to work with their existing archiving and document management systems.

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How businesses can benefit from Cryptshare?

  • Eliminate the need for additional service to send large files;
  • Ensure secure and private email exchange with internal and external 3rd party recipients;
  • Achieve GDPR and internal IT compliance;
  • Have full control of outcoming data via on-premise server.

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