Cyber Security Solutions Value Added Distribution
Accelerite helps companies accelerate cloud adoption, modern security, industry process platforms and leverage of the data-driven economy of today
Accellion solution prevents data breaches and compliance violations with complete visibility and control over IP, PII, PHI and all sensitive information exchanged with third parties.
ARCON privileged access management (PAM) solution empowers internal stakeholders to monitor, control and manage privileged accounts and help with audit & compliance.
Arista Arista Networks delivers software-defined networking solutions for large datacenter, cloud computing, high-performance computing and high-frequency trading environments.
Array-networks-logo Array Networks is a leader in application delivery networking with over 5000 worldwide customer deployments addressing secure delivery of applications to end-users.
centrify-logo Centrify redefines the legacy approach to privileged access management by delivering cloud-ready zero trust privilege to secure modern enterprises.
Clavister is a leading provider of network security solutions such as next-generation firewalls, identity, and access management systems designed for virtual and physical environments.
clearswift logo Clearswift technology supports a straightforward and ‘adaptive’ data loss prevention solution which protects organizations’ critical information by giving them the freedom to securely collaborate.
CoSoSys-log CoSoSys data loss prevention solution enables security stakeholders to prevent data loss and manage mobile devices by providing easy to use cross-platform.
cryptshare-logo Cryptshare is a trustful e-communication solution that enables companies to share emails and files of any size in a secure way with a detailed audit trail.
The CSA (Cyber Security Academy) offers an e-learning platform designed for employees. The platforms help to develop still related to cybersecurity defense necessary in the corporate environment.
datalocker logo DataLocker provides military-grade security for portable storage devices, media systems, and cloud storage accounts that are used by governments, military, and businesses around the world.
Devo offers an alternative SIEM solution – an advanced analytics platform that combines streaming and historical data in real-time for accurate security incident management.
Ekran System is a comprehensive user activity monitoring solution designed to track and evaluate internal threats related to user behavior within an organization’s network.
famoc_logo FAMOC delivers everything IT needs to control every aspect of enterprise mobility by enabling real-time centralized control of smartphones and tablets.
fox_it_logo FOX IT helps to prevent, solve and mitigate cyber threats with the data diode solution designed for government, defense, law enforcement, and other companies with critical infrastructure.
F-Secure provides award-winning detection and response solutions as well as offers world-class cybersecurity services to keep businesses and people safe.
Genians Genians network access control (NAC) solution provides enterprises with full visibility of all IP-enabled devices and ensures that they conform to security compliance.
HyTrust_Logo HyTrust’s Workload Security Solutions reduce cloud security risks by automating compliance & enforcing security-based policies for private & public clouds.
iboss-cyber-security-logo Iboss game-changing secure web gateway with innovative architecture is backed by over 75 patents and patents pending, and chosen by over 4000 enterprises worldwide.
iadaptive Idaptive delivers next-gen access through a zero-trust approach. Idaptive secures access everywhere with single sign-on, adaptive MFA, EMM and analytics.
IronKey (by Kingston) solutions meet the challenge of protecting today’s mobile workforce, featuring secure USB solutions for data transport and mobile workspaces.
Keeper-Security Keeper Security password management application prevents data breaches and helps to meet compliance standards as it designed with 256-bit AES encryption and zero-knowledge architecture.
istorage logo iStorage is a global leader of PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted data storage devices (USB Flash Drives and Hard Disk Drives) that ensure compliance with regulations.
OneLogin connects people with technology through a simple and secure login with a unified access management (UAM) platform that seemingly unlocks apps, devices.
sophos-logo-144dpi-color Sophos secures every endpoint of the organization network, starting with laptops to virtual desktops and servers and finishing with the web and email traffic as well as mobile devices.
tripwire-logo-2014-144dpi Tripwire enables 9,000 organizations enterprises and governments around the world to detect, prevent and respond to cybersecurity threats as well as meet compliance.
Untangle core products represents NG and IC Control firewalls which are specifically tailored for companies below enterprise-level – home offices, non-profit, schools, government and other small companies.
veriato-logo Veriato develops an intelligent and powerful solution to provide companies with visibility and understanding of human behaviors as well as activities occurring within their firewall.
Yubico ensures reliable identity and access control through a physical security key used for two-factor authentication (2FA). It also enables companies to exploit passwordless authentication.