Delinea is a leading provider of cloud-ready privileged access management (PAM) solutions that empower cybersecurity for the modern, hybrid enterprise.

Delinea solutions


Secret server: protect your privileged accounts with enterprise-grade Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution. Available both on-premise or in the cloud. Learn more >>>

Account Lifecycle Manager: seamless service account governance from discovery and provisioning through decommissioning.

Privileged Behavior Analytics: uses advanced machine learning to analyze activity on privileged accounts in real-time to detect anomalies and provide threat scoring and configurable alerts.

Cloud Suite: Unified PAM platform for managing privileged access in multi-cloud infrastructure.

Privilege Manager: mitigate malware and modern security threats from exploiting applications by removing local administrative rights and enforcing least privilege on endpoints.

DevOps Secrets Vault: Manage credentials for applications, databases, CI/CD tools, and services without causing friction in the development process.


Key takeaways on how businesses can benefit from Delinea


  • Extended Privileged Access Management (PAM) that allows to design the right solution, making it suitable for both small and large organizations;
  • Market leader recognized by major market analysts (Gartner, Forrester, Kuppingercole);
  • PAM that works seamlessly, with simple installation and configuration;
  • Available both on-premise and in the cloud;
  • Supporting customers in meeting compliance mandates, including NIST, PCI-DSS, ISO27001, GDPR and CIS.

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