PointSharp provides various multi-factor authentication methods that ensure modern user experience even in a highly regulated enterprise environment. The company’s main office is in Stockholm, Sweden.

Pointsharp solutions


Pointsharp MFA is a multi-factor authentication solution (two-factor authentication, 2FA) designed to provide secure user access to computers, networks, and online accounts. With Pointsharp, use can use an app that allows them to connect to systems both in a cloud environment and locally. Learn more >>>


Pointsharp Enterprise is a solution that includes Pointsharp MFA and additional features that allow companies to take advantage of Single-On (SSO) applications in both on-premises infrastructure and cloud environments. Learn more >>>


Pointsharp AD is password reset technology. This tool reduces the burden on helpdesk teams and saves money as users can independently update their passwords at any time of the day. It also allows the user to unlock a locked AD account. Learn more >>>

Key takeaways how businesses can benefit from PointSharp:


  • It helps to stop account takeovers;
  • It ensures strong authentication for appropriate compliance with GDPR;
  • It simplifies the secure authentication process.



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