Acalvio advanced threat defense (ATD) solutions are anchored on deception and data science to help businesses to detect, engage and respond to malicious activity inside the perimeter. The company‘s headquarters in Santa Clara, California, United States.

Acalvio portfolio


  • ShadowPlex is anchored on patented innovations in Dynamic Deception, Software Defined Networking and Data Science. ShadowPlex enables a DevOps approach to deploying enterprise-scale pervasive deception with low IT administrative overhead. ShadowPlex delivers comprehensive threat intelligence by integrating with other ‘best in class’ solutions in the security industry. Learn more >>>


  • ShadowPlex Cloud designed especially for securing public cloud workloads. It is a fundamentally new platform designed to protect cloud assets – malicious activity within public cloud environments with precision and speed – AWS, Azure and Google GCP. Learn more >>>


What are the main benefits that organizations get by using Acalvio?

  • Enable pervasive threat defense coverage across all enterprise on-prem and cloud assets;
  • Precision (no false positives) and speed in detection;
  • Ensure minimal IT effort Cost-effective detection due to extensive automation;
  • Provides a managed service program (for partners).

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