Fortra (HelpSystems)


Fortra (HelpSystems) is a global provider of solutions for data protection. Their technologies include tools for data classification, secure automated (and manual) file transfer, digital rights management, and secure email gateway.

Since 1982, the vendor has served more than 8,700 customers from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Fortra (HelpSystems) portfolio


Titus offers a data classification solution that enables organizations to discover, classify, protect, analyze, and share information. With an open, intelligent policy manager, Titus customers can address regulatory compliance initiatives and get more out of their existing security investments. More information >>>


Boldon James – provides a range of classification solutions providing flexibility for organizations to classify data across their business allows you to classify files at the point of creation, meaning classification becomes a permanent fixture within each file’s metadata at the point where the user has control. More information >>>


GoAnywhere – secure, automated, or manual Managed File Transfer to exchange data safely. The solution helps organizations automate their data transfers, centralize file transfer activity, and monitor file transfers and user access. More information >>>


Vera – a leading digital rights management solution that protects crown jewels, from design files to investor reports, everywhere they go. More information >>>


Clearswift – an award-winning solution for secure email gateway (SEG). It offers an unprecedented level of cyber-attack protection and outbound data loss prevention for secure email collaboration. More information >>>



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