Ekran System


Ekran System provides user-monitoring technology that delivers effective and affordable Insider threat protection to businesses of any size. The solution is designed to track and evaluate insider threats related to user behavior within an organization’s network.

Ekran System solutions


User activity monitoring records on-screen user activity for all sessions in video format, indexed by accompanying text metadata. The user activity tracking software captures input and output audio streams on the endpoints.

It provides Citrix and Windows user activity monitoring on servers and workstations with local, RDP, and terminal session recording. Learn more >>>


Privileged user monitoring – easily analyze privileged activity and investigate incidents using a comprehensive screen capture video format indexed with metadata, such as keystrokes, commands, URLs, or application names. Detect suspicious events and address issues immediately by using standard and custom smart alerts functionality. Learn more >>>

Key takeaways how businesses can benefit from Ekran System


  • Simplify management of major user-based risks as all the tools located in one platform;
  • Gain complete visibility over the broadest set of operating systems and network architectures without agents as it supports any hybrid enterprise architecture;
  • Save the valuable time of the IT security team by enabling automated maintenance and health monitoring;
  • Ensure that employees are being professional while keeping your company’s important data safe;
  • Available to managed service providers (MSP).

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