Rohde & Schwarz


Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity solutions are designed for network, application, and endpoint security as well as solutions for traffic analytics.

The company’s solutions protect companies and public institutions around the globe against cyberattacks, manipulation, and espionage. Rohde & Schwarz head office in Germany.

Rohde & Schwarz solutions


Application & cloud security – secure web applications and web services, cloud computing environments, collaboration tools, etc. More information >>>


Desktop security – Virtual environment for secure and comfortable web browsing, Full-disk and device encryption for user data. More information >>>


Mobile security – unparalleled mobile device security with hardened security kernel, secure access to business resources. etc. More information >>>


Network security – approved for classified communication levels, the central configuration of security policies. More information >>>


Key takeaways how businesses can benefit from Rohde & Schwarz


  • It enables safe and data protection-compliant work;
  • It offers the highest security standards without compromising the full performance and flexibility of your chosen; cloud environments and collaboration tools;
  • It provides easy administration and user-friendliness to ensure security policies are enforced throughout your team.

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