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Webinar 31st of March 2020 | 14:00 -15:00
How to move away from unsafe password with YubiKey and Keeper

Cyber security teams do their best to prevent data loss, account takeovers and protect against cyber threats at large. However, these efforts become useless if many employees manage their passwords improperly – use simple passwords, reuse and store them in unprotected cloud or file.

But what organisations can do to keep their employees away from having to remember endless list of passwords while IT security to worry about password security?

Join us on the 31st of March, at 2 PM to learn the answer!


  • The biggest challenges of user access management (according to the latest research “Global State of Cyber Security in SMB”)
  • How Keeper password manager increases productivity of employees and IT teams
  • Why Yubico hardware-based security key helps to defend against password threats
  • Use cases: Keeper + YubiKey to ease user access management and enhance security
  • Questions and answers


Take part and win

Answer a quiz during the webinar and get a chance to win a YubiKey 5 NFC or Keeper password manager.

Participation: every participant that answers the questions correctly enters the raffle. Two winners will be chosen and informed by email shortly, after webinar.



  • Roland Steinmetz, Director Channel EMEA, Keeper Security
  • Caroline Sandtorv, Channel Manager Nordics & Baltics, Yubico
  • Who should join? Data Protection Officers, IT Security Managers and Professionals, IT Security Consultants, Business Owners and other cybersecurity stakeholders.


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