IT ir duomenų apsaugos sprendimų pridėtinės vertės distribucija
WEB'inaras Balandžio 26d. 2018m. | 9:00-10:00
HS webinar with Accelerite: Find it fast, Fix it fast

The number of endpoints are growing fast from servers, pc’s and laptops to mobile and even IoT devices. This puts pressure on IT departments to ensure endpoints are updated and operate well. Any hick-up means hours and days of stress finding and solving the issues and lost productivity for the end-point users. End-points are also an entry into a company’s network for hackers and not all threats are stopped by the traditional perimeter defence. How to deal with that?

 Join us on Thursday, April 26th to hear Samir Agarwal from Accelerite. Company is a global leader and visionary in the area of end-point management and security. In this webcast we will share best practices for end-point management and security and show how you can optimize your infrastructure and better protect your company from external threats like Wannacry.

*There are limited seats available

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