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WEB'inaras Liepos 24 d. 2019 m. | 14:30 - 15:30
HS webinar: embracing secure login with two-factor authentication

The advancement in social engineering techniques causes information security concern among organizations. Today even the strongest password alone cannot secure from account takeovers and data breaches. Therefore, an extra layer of security should be implemented by every business adding second factor (2FA) to the authentication process. But what is behind the universal two-factor and passwordless login and how it helps to protect sensitive data?


Join us on the 24th of July to get the answer. During the webinar you will hear from the industry’s leading expert, Yubico, and learn about:

  • Today’s biggest user authentication challenges faced by companies every day
  • How 2FA helps businesses to protect their valuable data
  • Brief anatomy of a YubiKey and how the authentication works
  • Key takeaways how businesses can benefit from passwordless login
  • DEMO: how to set up and use YubiKey on Microsoft account

Take your chance to win Yubico security key

Join us and take your chance to win a YubiKey. We prepared ONE-question quiz which will be displayed during the webinar. So, don’t forget to register!


Our tech talk (in English) will take place on Wednesday, July 24 at 2:30 PM (EEST).